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The Secret - Breakfast & Brunch Bistro

The Secret is the dream of Fiona Jane Thomas, a British woman who first stepped on Turkish soil in the summer of 1980. She fell in love with the country from day one.  Today she aims to share the beauty of the Bodrum Peninsula with all those who care to visit for whatever purpose. Specifically she wants to share the simplicity and wonders of Turkish village and country life.


Q229: Overstaying Tourist Visa fine

Q229: How much is the fine if you overstay a tourist visa by two weeks?

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Q227: Hairdresser near Airport/Bodrum Bus Station

Q227: Can anyone recommend a hairdresser either right near the Bodrum bus station or at the Bodrum airport? If such a place does exist, can you please let me knwo their contact details and their address?

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Q228: English Speaking Mechanic

Q228: My car needs a service - can anyone recommend a garage with an English speaking Mechanic?

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Bodrum - Then and Now

Submitted by Bodrum Bulletin reader Ursula Haselden

Bodrum, after twenty-six years, has expanded into a busy, sprawling, dazzling white resort clustered around the big blue eye of Bodrum bay. Only when leaving via the main road along the hills behind, did I see below the iconic Crusader Castle of the Knights, which once divided the town between its largely Cretan and Turkish populations. It was a landmark we had found far from easy to spot through wavering binoculars on our lively sail from Kos, after crossing the Aegean in early spring by small boat all those years ago. That night the castle had advanced in floodlight and I was thrilled to have reached the Levant.

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