Cervical Cancer: The Importance of Regular Screening

Article submitted by Ms. Deniz Gökova, Yabancı Hasta Departmanı, Özel Bodrum Hastanesi

Smear Testing Saves Lives!
Cervical cancer uses to be the 2nd leading cause of cancer death for women and every 2nd minute a woman dies. But because more women are undergoing smear testing for this disease, the number of deaths from the condition have decreased significantly.

Özel Bodrum Hospital's gynaecology & obstetrician specialist Dr. Orcun Koçak informs us that besides the most important result is death, even treated it can also affect fertility. Smear testing helps saving lives. Cancer screening using the Pap smear can identify precancerous and potentially precancerous changes in cervical cells and can be treated without the cancer has progressing to an advanced stage.

Cervical cancer screening is typically yearly recommended starting at age 21, to all women who are or were sexually active.

Özel Bodrum Hospital’s Dr. Koçak says that smear testing is a screening method to the passage to cervix for abnormal cells and continuous: ‘the best time for screening is 10-18 days after the last period, for optimum result no vaginal shower, no vaginal tampons, no vaginal contraceptives or medicines and no intercourse within 48 hours before screening. Smear testing is a part of a gynaecological examination and you will not hurt you.

Özel Bodrum Hospital sources expressed that for increasing awareness regular screening has meant that pre-cancerous changes and early stage cervical cancers have been detected and treated early. Our fight continues and women can have an examination including smear testing now.

--Ms. Deniz Gökova, 444 44 78 (or 0252 313 65 66),