Turkish Interest Rate Report

Bodrum FlightsThe information below charts the current and historical interest rates for 14 of the main banks in Turkey, and their 30-Day e-Deposit savings interest rates.
Last Update: 30th April 2015

The data has been gathered based on the following specifications;

  • The currency is Turkish Lira
  • Basic (un-negotiated) internet interest rate only as advertised on the banks' website
  • The amount invested is 25,000TL
  • The period of the deposit is one month period (30, 31, or 32 days) (after which interest is payable, and the money can be released without penalty)

The following banks are monitored; Akbank, Citibank, Denizbank, Finansbank, Garanti, Halk Bank, HSBC, ING Bank, Iş Bank, Şekerbank, TEB, Vakifbank, YapıKredi, Ziraat Bank

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Current Lira interest rates


Historical Average Lira interest rates


12 Month Interest Rate Chart

The following chart tracks each banks' relative Lira interest rate performance over the last 12 months. Each bank is compared to the average rate from the 14 banks across the last 12 months.


Historical Lira interest rates

TIP; hover over a point on the chart and the key at the top of the chart will update instantly to show you the interest rate for each of the banks.

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