Telephone and Mobile Calling Costs

Here are the current costs for calling from Turkey to various destinations.

Calling from:
(Standard Tariff)
1045 discounted calling service Turkcell (BizBize PAYG Tariff)
TR-Local 0.08 TL 0.05 TL 0.67 TL
TR-Long Distance 0.10 TL 0.05 TL 0.67 TL
TR-Mobile 0.40 TL 0.19 TL 0.67 TL
EU-land 0.12 TL 0.05 TL 0.80 TL
EU-Mobile 0.64 TL 0.40 TL 0.80 TL

Sources: TurkTelekom, 1045, Turkcell on the 22nd September, 2009.
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